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Our Process

Beyond a promise.


For large renovation, build or development projects, working with realtyRETURNS offers the perfect blend of control, economy, risk management, and harmony.  


You get to do the project elements that fit your skill and time within a well designed and managed project.

3 easy steps to a quality property...

You get personal service...

                 because it's all about you!

We conduct a complimentary consultation in your home (usually 1-2 hours) where we learn about what property improvement project you would like to do (develop your site, design and build a new home, add an extension, renovate your house) and explain our processes in more detail. 

So that we can tailor the solution to meet your budget as well as your lifestyle needs and desires, we also like to get an idea of your budget and time frame for your project - there's nothing worse than planning everything only to find the project is going to cost twice as much as you want to spend!

Step 1: Consultation
Step 2: Property Improvement Plan
Correct planning of your project is key to its success.

Whether we are developing your site, renovating the home you have now or building your new home, you can think of this phase as planning with the end in mind.


The Property Improvement Plan process involves on site meetings and discussions with designers, architects, engineers and any other professionals relevant to scope out the work required to meet your project needs. Then meetings and discussions with the Council (as and if required) to get your plans through the consent process.  


Next we wrap the plans and specifications with costs and timing so you understand exactly what you're buying, when it will be delivered and how much it will cost.

Step 3: Property Improvements

Creating quality properties that inspire quality lifestyles.

This is the project management part of our service where realtyRETURNS takes care of everything from construction management through to the finishing touches.  All work is professionally completed and managed according to the specifications set out in your Property Improvement Plan. You get to enjoy a great outcome with managed risk, low stress and no hassles!


There is a significant amount of detail to be managed in the delivery phase, however we have itemized below a few of the high level items:


  • realtyRETURNS manages the end-to-end delivery as per the contract or better;

  • Provision of regular and appropriate updates on your project;

  • Management of variations and contingencies;

  • Facilitation of Council inspections and sign off at appropriate stages;

  • Management of all specification sign-off and contractor payments;

  • 24/7 availability to answer any questions you may have.

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