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Recent Recognition in the Press

Brooklyn Cottage Renovation
Brooklyn cottage keeps its character

June 2013


HOME has never been sweeter – or sunnier – for a Brooklyn couple who have deftly rejuvenated their 1920s cottage for the 2020s without sacrificing its character.


“We won’t ever move now,” Cathie Payne says of the two-bedroom house she and her husband, Simon, bought 15 years ago.

Country Cottage Renovation
A singular vision of country life

May 2013


WELLINGTON communications consultant Mike Bodnar was looking for “the big picture” when he and his wife, Liz, spectacularly doubled the floor area of their Ohariu Valley home.


Originally a small 1930s cottage that was extended in different directions in the 1970s and ‘80s, it now measures 310 square metres - complete with an alfresco dining deck overlooking a creek and bush.

Professional Renovation
Renovators rapt with professional help

​June 2012

TURNING a “damp and cold” Ngaio home into one that was warm and inviting had as much to do with choosing the right colours as solving the drainage and heating problems.


What was a tired, unloved, ex-state house is now a lovely, contemporary, family home.

Expert Renovation

June 2011

Kiwis pride themselves on being do-it-yourselfers but not everyone wants to risk turning their happy family home into a house of horrors.


Such were the fears Sarah Thomas and James Fraser had about renovating their ex-state house in Avalon.

Smooth Renovation

Renovating reality a smooth operation
June 2010

A wadestown family had a dream run when they renovated their home and are attributing most of the project's success to realtyRETURNS.


The family's motto, "finish touch crowns the work", could just as well be the mantra for the company that's helping them to renovate.

Dream Home

Renovating agent makes dreams come true
June 2009

A WELLINGTON woman has pioneered an innovative renovation service by thinking outside the tri-square.  Michelle set up realtyRETURNS five years ago to make home improvement easy.


Renovating a house involves hundreds of issues and decisions that many people find overwhelming.  It's easy to make mistakes about design or materials when you're distracted by having to get quotes or arrange deliveries.

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